About Jhanjharpur

Jhanjharpur is a town and head-quarters of a sub-division in the Madhubani district of the state of Bihar, India. Jhanjharpur is located on the bank of the Kamala River. The river is formed from the confluence of two separate rivers, the Kamla and the Balan. The topography of this place is beautiful and the land is immensely fertile which is the reason it is still surviving without any financial and economic structure. It is located on the foothills of the Himalayas, the impact is visible in its climate. If you walk straight from this place towards north on the globe, you will reach Mt. Everest. The place receives plenty of rainfall due to its geographical position.The language spoken in this region is Maithili hence the people are called maithil (after the language) the famous festival of this region is Janki Naumi and Mahadev Puja. Sarisab,Sarbasima, Naruar, Majhoura,Simra,Sukhet, Lalgang, Kauchvi, and the catchment villages of this region have been the land of great thinkers of the nyaya and other philosophical traditions in Indian philosophy.
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